Braeuning_1Hi, I’m Andrea Braeuning.

For over 15 years I’ve been in various positions in the communications and strategy consulting, having had the pleasure to deal with customers from various industries, e.g. automotive, construction, fashion, food, household-appliances, in-car-entertainment and drive-assistance, publishing houses and municipalities.

2008-2010 I had the chance to live and work in London, UK. Being borne and raised in the well-arranged, nearly idyllic south of Germany the metropole – with all its challenges on energy, mobility, safety & secutiry, water supply, building technology, logistics, variety of cultures and traditions – caught my fascination.
So I started to take a closer look on the global trends of growing urbanization and demographic change.

Alongside the technological development these trends will change the way we live, work and interact. And they will be the key drivers for changes in our businesses and organizations. It’s not the technology that enables us to cope with the challenges of the future. It is our creativity to use existing technologies and derive new business models from it.

In order to dig a bit deeper and understand the interdependencies I started working on an extra-occupational PhD on “Smart City as a Customer”.

So welcome “on site” and thanks for supporting my research by active participation 😉
Lets talk about smart cities and their impact on businesses and organisations, about value networks vs value chain, collaboration vs silo, usage vs possession, the impact of feuderal structures and the access to open data.


2 thoughts on “ME

  1. Hi Andrea,
    I read your presentation at Smart City Expo and found something interesting. I am a researcher for a Spanish university and I would like to make you a couple of question. Could you help me with that? Could you tell me you email address?

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