In this blog I’d like to discuss the the impact of Smart Cities on business models and organisational structures. What are the success criteria for business model innovations as well as the concepts that enable smart cities and connected living. How can IT technology like Web 3.0 (4.0) and media like the Internet (Internet of Things and Services) support these concepts?

Our digital and media age creates more data than ever before. Data analyses and handling in sustainable business-models will be vivid  for cities of all kinds. Not only megacities but also on a much smaller regional scale. Years ago efforts were made to use IT and media as enablers for city systems, for example government, public safety, traffic, energy and healthcare. However there has yet to be a real breakthrough or global roll-out. Just recently the topic seems to be attracting more public attention. Everything is becoming “smart” and “connected” but the benefit and global footprint is still rather low.


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