From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Cities

Some thoughts I discussed with a mayor (US city, >305.000 inhabitants):
“The internet has changed our lives, but not jet our cities.” (City Protocol, We still lack to utilize the possibilities that lie in technical connectivity by transforming this structural thinking into our living and working environment, into business models, consuming behaviors and value patterns.

Cities as well as industry are desperate to finde intelligent use cases for smart cities, but have not internalized connectivity. Possible reason is, that the vast possibilities that lie in the unstructured, agile and ever changing combination of data and assets – adressable e.g. through the Internet of Things – is beyond our imagination. This imagination is coined by specialization, which entails segmentation – fostered over hundrets of years. So we try to get our material (or product driven) “silo-fingers” around an amorph intangibility. “In order to re-invent the cities of the 21st century we must develop a new science of the cities” (City Protocol,


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