Successfactor “City Management”

The high youth unemployment in southern Europe on the one hand and the demand for young professionals in northern Europe on the other shows, that the existing silo mentality lead to a dead end road. The traditional, segment focussed way led to the situation as we see it today – that applies for the supranational level as well as cascading down on national, regional and municipal level.

The self-concept of german towns is expressed in the termination applied. Authorities “administer” rather than “manage” or “create” city (“Stadt’verwaltung’” instead of “Stadt’gestaltung’” or “Stadt’management’”).
Asian cities are more streamlined and top down organized, e.g. Singapore.
New York has an office for “long-term planning” this is institutionalisation of sustainability.
However there is an indicator that this “business logic” is changing as cities in Germany and Austria start setting up own companies to handle sustainable projects.

It is time to open the minds for new ways forward as we see where the silo mentality has led.


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