Dynamics in the value chain

Literature Review:
M. Jaekel, K. Bronnert
Die digital Evolution moderner Grossstädte
(Source: Springer Vieweg, ISBN 978-3-658-00170-4, pg. 78-83)

This book, as various other literature, indicates that the roles of city, industry and citizen changes in the context of (smart) „City“. Main points are: city will orchestrate the players and provide a transparent, reliable governance structure. Industry will work in partnerships with the „City“ (e.g. private-public partnerships) as well as with other suppliers (e.g. consortia). These partnerships need to be resilient enough to adapt to changes over the timeframe of a project or initiative. Solution approach is driven by need rather than tool- or product-request. The relevance of data availability and -analyses grows, swopping relevance with hardware in the value chain. Products and their suppliers continue to loose impact within the business process. Industry is challenged to come up with new business models that keep the initial investment on their side, as cities continue to be short of budget. Citizens are the pivotal point – only when they accept and participate the changes a transfer to “Smart City” is sustainable.


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