Cities have been designed around cars not people

Individual transportation set the structure for city redesign and development. Today, challenged by climate change and the public discussion on natural resources deployment nutures the creativity to find alternatives. 

Mobility and infrastructure concepts pop up. As long as one entity is the sovereign of data it works quite nicely. Think of car sharing or rent-a-bike. However if you start trying multimodal concepts or cross entities …. wow… the hurdle gets quite high.
There is a widespread use of new ICTs for all means of transport, which allow for real-time information or variable signaling according to traffic conditions. However data, different types of streets (at least in Germany) belong to different sovereigns. And they often don’t interface. So if the intelligent sensors of the Autobahn tell the car driver to take the next exit when on his way to a big public event (e.g. soccer game) to avoid traffic jams – he is quite lost, if the city authorities “dont take over”. The Autobahn is in the sovereign of the state, the streets in town however are organizes by the city. Sorry… lost in space!

What needs to be done in order to change that. No fingerpointing please!


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