Smart City is….

(Impressions from the “Smart City Expo World Congress, Barcelona / Spain, 13.-15.11.2012)

… like the Internet
The physical and digital world is growing together and imparts a new role for cities. Peter Hirshberg, CEO of The Reimagine Group, sees municipalities as platforms for new business models and draws a parallel between the development of the internet and smart cities – nobody owns it, everybody can use it and anybody can improve it. Based on the 1 / 9 / 90 rule – 1% creator, 9% editors, 90% users – cities should put themselves in the intermediate section of B2B2C (business to business to consumer). If they miss to do so, disruptive activities will bypass authorities and governments will loose power and prosperity.

 … like a big project
Don Clark, Vice President Wonderware, Invensys Group said that the customer smart cities is nothing else but a large scale project. Therefore solutions that have been implemented for large-scale industrial complexes (mining, petrochemicals power) can be leveraged to cities. Critical successfactors are integration of existing resources and subsystems; scalability; openness instead of proprietary solutions; and real time data.


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