It’s all about platforms

(Impressions from the “Smart City Expo World Congress 2012″, Barcelona / Spain, 13.-15.11.2012)

Management platforms are a clear trend when talking about smart city management. (Lucky those who have enough to manage smartly already!).
The general customer benefit of such platform solutions is convenience due to less systems that need to be set up, handled and maintained as well as cost saving and better efficiency due to improved response times based on company-wide surfaces and connectivity of subsystems.

The emergency and security sector can highly benefit from such technology. ICTs are becoming a key player in helping manage, monitor and detect accidents, system failures or anomalies, and to direct critical situations. They assist the coordination of police, rescue or emergency health services and the monitoring and management of city resilience. City resilience refers to the city’s capacity to react to unexpected natural disasters or accidents that could cause disruptions to urban services or transport networks.

Invensys Operations Management, showed a real time integrated software platform for remote control monitoring of city’s urban services such as drinking water supply network, sewage and rainwater treatment network, watering systems, electricity and gas supplies, street lighting, pneumatic waste collection, energy efficient network in housing and environmental control network. To analyse and evaluate the performance of each of the city’s operations with the aim of complying with the environmental sustainability criteria contained in the urban design plan. Through the integration and consolidation of data from a multitude of instrumentation devices interaction with the subsystems is possible. The platform is adaptable for other solutions such as facility and operations management of airports and complex buildings.

The IBM IOC (Intelligent Operations Center) for Smarter Cities has a similar approach. The executive dashboard helps city leaders to gain insight into various aspects of the city.

Focussing from the big playground “city” to residential buildings Schneider Electric showed an online platform for monitoring, interacting and steering of HVAC, access control, video security, lighting and energy management. The solution is an open platform that can interface all devices, however Schneider also provides the solution including hardware.

World out there – any other relevant solutions?


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