Widerstand gegen Innovationen – destruktiv oder konstruktiv?

Literature Review:
Juergen Hauschildt
(Source: ZfB Ergänzungsheft 2/99, Innovation und Absatz, pg. 1-21; Wiesbaden, 1999, ISBN 3-409-11455-6)

There is a need for innovations. However acceptance and support are often words only (Lippenbekenntnisse). Innovations mean change and therefore innovators face opposition as the impact of change is often felt as disturbance, loss of roles and resorts.

According to a study, which is basis for the article, there are 2 variants of opposition: a distructive and a constructive one. The distructive opposition uses many different rational arguments and tries to prevent or delay the innovation and often manages to impact on time and cost. The constructive opposition mainly focuses on one particular argument of criticism, is overt and treis to change the result. Overall it is rated as being “useful”.
Thus, the practical implication for innovation management is to encourage the constructive resistance and to block the destructive opponents. The most effective instrument in doing this is personal commitment of champions. This commitment can be reinforced by a formal institutionalization of the innovation as a “project”.


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